Tlön Planet Bags is a fashion brand designed and handcrafted in Barcelona. Born in 2019, good quality  and functional materials are the essence in our pursuit of sustainable creations.

Tlön Planet Bags was conceived by fashion designer Laura Criscione, graduated from Buenos Aires University, who is passionately driven towards sustainable textiles design, fabrics and illustrations.

Now, we are a group of people committed to this project bringing all our professional experiences and values together to create a brand ready to make a social and environmental difference.

¿What does Tlön mean?

The name comes from a Borges’s short story, where Tlön is described as a planet still to be discovered.
Our inspiration taps into picturing this planet, which like in Borges’s tale, is also about to be discovered. A place where everything can be created, involved, and reinvented..

What are our values ?

Tlön is a creative fashion accessories project relying on organic and good quality fabrics.
Our design mission is to be a helpful brand, in pursuit of a fairer and more caring society towards its environmental impact as to fashion.
Inspired by the Slow Fashion concept, we aim to produce and support handcraft local design, product quality, socially responsible manufacturing processes, and environmentally aware supply chain.

¿Who for?

Tlon is created for trendy, confident people, sensitive towards environmental concerns. We want to be part of this new wave of authenticity, minimalism, and awareness in our lifestyle.

Local production

Tlön products are made in our atelier based in Barcelona.

Natural fibers

We use beautiful and organic fabrics ¡Plastic Enemy!

Mediterranean lifestyle

We’ve been inspired by little village landscape around Catalonia between the seas and the mountains. Our style is minimalistic and harmonious to combine with the pleasure of little things in life.